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about us

Camberwell Removals

We are the Camberwell Removals you can count upon

   At Camberwell removals, we are driven by the motto to excel. In all that we do, this priority to deliver the best results at all costs makes us a leading service in the area. We can handle all kinds of removals jobs, from office moving to home relocation. Furthermore, we also arrange international moving out of Camberwell to any destination.

   We are a member service registered with the BAR (British Association of Removers). This membership entitles us to many advantages. For example, in international relocation, arranging road passes and necessary licensing is imperative. We make it happen quite easily. In case, you need temporary storage options in your destination country, we can manage it very quickly. In addition, we will set up everything from road transport, rail route transit to air and ship cargo.

Same-day services available for all jobs

   We have the ready manpower to provide same-day assistance for both home, and office removals work. The circumstances for same-day work always tend to carry lots of said and unsaid stress factors. Sometimes, you may want to stow away your belongings in a safe location because of a fire incident at your property. Criminal activities such as a robbery or a burst pipe leading to flooding can also require urgent assistance.

   At other times, we have found that tenants need to move out due to an urgent eviction notice being handed over. Couples may reach tipping points, and the wife may want to move out very fast. In all situations, we empathize with the clients and strive to make our job the least worry-free.

   We work with minimum disruptions and the least intrusion into your private spaces, but the job will be flawlessly executed. We receive calls for same-day removals work on weekends and outside the regular office hours. Call Camberwell removals anytime you need us, and we will make a proper arrangement at the earliest. We never overcharge, and you will be sure to receive a fair quote. Usually, we request clients to make an appointment at least 10/11 days in advance, but only as long as it is feasible for you.

   In same-day removals jobs, it is essential to ensure that there is no van breakdown in the middle of the road. This is why our technicians undertake brief routine maintenance of all vans before they roll out for the job.

Our business mission

   Our business mission is to make sure that folks can trust us with the safe transit of their belongings. Especially in home removals work, things carry a lot of emotional value. That table and chair may be an heirloom passed down by generations. That dresser may carry so many beautiful memories! We value this emotional connection by our commitment to deliver your furniture unscratched to the destination.

   At Camberwell removals, we want to ensure that we have your trust, and leave us good feedback. Client testimonials are our most valuable assets, and we want to keep a clean record no matter what.

Our business vision

   We have only one vision, and that is to establish our reputation as the most reliable moving partner in Camberwell. We take every step possible to make this vision a reality. We have brought together a great team of experts who are dedicated to delivering the perfect execution of a removals job. Our men are selected only after a thorough background check.

   In addition, they are asked key questions in the interview phase to ensure we can be sure of their sense of responsibility. The integrity of character is a vital aspect in doing a removals job because you will be handling costly items belonging to others. Not a single thing should be amiss. At Camberwell removals, we consider our work to be done only after we have unloaded and unpacked the things at your new place.

Cost-effective service

   We aim to provide a highly cost-effective service. At Camberwell removals, we make every effort to see that you don’t have to pay more than is necessary. We will not charge you for the surplus packing materials. Our drivers will take the shortest possible routes to reduce travel time, and so on. As for same-day removals, give us a call, and we will work out a feasible deal.